24/7 Crisis Hotline: 1-888-860-4084

Intervention Services

Abuse & Rape Crisis Shelter provides 24-hour support and advocacy to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and related crimes in Warren County, Ohio. Our trained staff and volunteers assist in problem solving, personal safety, and police intervention. Hotline staff also assist in obtaining emergency shelter, medical and legal assistance, and provide referrals to community resources.

Types of Abuse

Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse consists of: yelling, name calling, threats to hurt or kill, verbal degrading in general, criticizing, belittling, and/or constant blaming.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse consists of: offering false hope, continually apologizing and making promises to change or end the abuse, isolating the victim from others, accusing the victim of affairs, constant ridiculing/blaming/criticizing, ignoring or withholding affection, abusing pets, constant phone calls or monitoring, embarrassing victims in front of others, and putting down or isolating the victim from friends or family.

Financial/Resource Abuse

Financial and resource abuse consists of: taking or breaking phone, controlling bank accounts and/or money, withholding financial information, destroying property, taking or disabling the car, taking car keys or purse, quitting/losing jobs, running up debt, and/ or sabotaging work or school.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse consists of: constant sexual demands, forcing unwanted sexual acts of any kind, committing rape or incest, making sexually related remarks, forcing to watch pornographic materials, forcing to have sex with others, or forcing pregnancy or abortion.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse consists of: restraining or holding down an individual, hair pulling, pulling, grabbing, pinching, pushing, shoving, hitting, slapping, choking, burning, locking in or out of the house, subject to reckless driving, throwing or hitting with objects, refusing to help when sick or injured, or using a knife, gun or other weapon.

The use of power to attain control in a relationship

The abuser may use coercion, intimidation, emotional abuse, threats, isolation, economic abuse, and/or the children to control his or her partner.  He or she also minimizes by denying and blaming others for his or her behavior.  The core issue for the abuser is to be in control of the relationship in order ot have his or her needs met.  If the aforementioned tactics don’t work, then the abuser enforces his threats with physical and/or sexual violence.

A helpful way to learn and understand more about power and control in a relationship is to view a Power and Control Wheel