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Prevention Services

The Warren County Violence Free Coalition is a recognized leader in violence prevention. We are committed to creating a culture of non-violence by promoting primary prevention through education, building community resources, influencing system change, and community awareness.

Safe Dates & Healthy Relationships

engaged couple holding on hands - view from backsideP.O.W.E.R. Program

The primary goal of P.O.W.E.R., Positive Outcomes When Expecting Respect, is to provide teens in Warren County with a forum to examine issues of: dating abuse, sexual assault, sexual harassment, bullying, gender roles, and healthy relationships.

“I almost started crying in class when I realized that my boyfriend was being abusive.  I had no idea that I was in an abusive relationship.  It was hard to break up with him, but I did it!  I feel so much better  now that I am free!”


“I want to thank you for talking to my class about abusive relationships.  It’s very vital information that I have unfortunately watched my mother experience.  The information you shared has probably saved someone’s life in the past and will help in the future.”


“This was fun and helped me learn how to treat a girl with better respect and kindness.”


“Girls sometimes think they aren’t in an abusive relationship, they just think it’s normal for a guy to put you down, take charge, be jealous, etc.”


If you would like to bring  P.O.W.E.R. or SafeDates to your Warren County school, click the button below to contact our program coordinator.

Violence Prevention Education Coordinator